Canadian University Music Society Conference

I will be performing an online mini-concert titled “Portraits from the Southern Hemisphere” for the 2021 Canadian University Music Society Conference.

This program will feature contemporary works for solo clarinet from India, South African, and Australia. My performance will be available June 4th at 11:30am.

Game I for Lîla (1996), by Surendran Reddy 

Dying River Party (2018), by Christopher Sainsbury 

  1. Black and White Protest 
  2. Old Fella Murray Cod
  3. Dying River Party 
  4. Bindara
  5. Crying Tree 
  6. The Pooncarie Emu Dash 

Raga Music (1957), by John Mayer

  1. Vilasakhani
  2. Megha (Rainy Season)
  3. Vibhasa (Sunrise)
  4. Gunakali (Morning)
  5. Shri (Afternoon)
  6. Pilu (Evening)
  7. Puravi (End of Day)
  8. Kanada (In the deep of Night)
  9. Vasanta (Spring Raga)

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